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We provide Dissertation Binding, Thesis Binding, Bespoke Bookbinding and a range of printing services for students in Woing and the UK.



What is the largest size I can print on?
The largest sheet size we print on is SRA3 (320mmx450mm). If opting for a section sewn book, individual pages should be no wider than 220mm in landscape format, meaning spreads can be a maximum of 440 mm. The remaining 10mm is reserved for the crop marks and bleed.

What file formats do you accept?
We print from high resolution PDF files. We also accept ‘packaged’ InDesign documents and ‘collected’ Quark files. These should include all fonts and images used in the document. There will be a small artwork charge to create print ready PDFs from these files. Other formats like Word and PowerPoint can also be accepted but there will be a charge for converting them to PDF.

What are crop marks and how do I add them?
Crop marks are used for accurate trimming of your pages. When you come to export your PDF there is an option to add them in ‘Marks and Bleed’. For your book content they should be offset by 3mm.

What is bleed and how do I add bleed?
If you have images or colours that are right on the edge of your pages we require 3mm bleed as standard. This is to avoid a white edge when trimming due to the possibility of some movement in the paper. The bleed area can be set in the document setup of your InDesign file. Please remember to include 3mm bleed when exporting your PDF as well. Here is a detailed explanation on how to set up bleed in InDesign

Why do I need to embed fonts?

Please embed all fonts or convert text to outlines when possible. This will avoid any font issues so text appears exactly as intended. If fonts are not embedded they may be substituted with another font or not print at all.

How do I correctly set up my InDesign file for print?
Inside pages can be set up as single pages or facing pages in InDesign. If you have a page with nothing on it please insert a blank page in your layout. Please be aware that the first printed page of your file will be on the right hand side. This is important to note if your document contains any double page spreads and you want them to appear in the correct order and opposite each other.

How do I best prepare my images for printing?
Any images used should be good quality, high resolution files at 300ppi (pixels per inch). Images that are at a lower resolution may appear soft or pixelated when printed. Images should not be enlarged beyond 100% their original size as this will decrease print  quality. Images and colours should be CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). If they are RGB or any other colour mode they will be converted to CMYK during the print process which may alter their appearance. Please be aware that 100% colour accuracy is not possible.

How do I optimise my PDF for printing?
A. Select high res, high quality or press quality options when exporting your PDF in InDesign or Quark XPress. Inside pages should be output as single pages and not as spreads. If opting for a section sewn, pamphlet stitch, or coptic bound book your pages will need paginating into print order and exported as spreads. We can paginate your file for you but to do this we will need the PDF as single pages. There is a small fee for this service.

What media do you accept?
Your files can be supplied to us on CD, DVD, USB flash drive, portable hard drive or emailed to us at

I would like a printed book cover, how do I prepare my artwork?
If opting for a printed cover we will provide you with an InDesign cover template. All you have to do is add the cover artwork, export it following the instructions provided as a print ready PDF and send it back to us. Alternatively we can create your cover for you if you supply us with the relevant files and information. This will require artwork time and is a chargeable service.