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Your Final Fashion Portfolio

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Your Final Fashion Portfolio

Caroline Leonard

Designing your final university fashion portfolio is so important - not only for achieving the best final grade you can, but more importantly it’s your first chance to approach the industry and make a lasting impression on any fashion employer.

There is so much that goes into your fashion portfolio –the fabrics, the designs and the drawings, which can make your final piece bulky, unmanageable and let’s face it aesthetically unappealing, taking away from all the hard work you've created throughout the year.

We worked with fashion student Vivien Kreitl from London College of Fashion who knew that the styling and presentation of her portfolio was equally as important as the content that was being presented on the inside.

 Vivien’s portfolio consisted of drawings, sketches and a collection of loose fabric squares. Vivien decided to have her works presented in soft bound books with a beautiful gold foil debossing effect on the covers. 

There was just one problem, presenting the fabric squares in book form was going to create the exact effect mentioned above - a bulky and unappealing piece. And so, we worked with Vivien to come up with a box to house the fabrics that had a panel adhered to the top to create uniformity with the soft bound book covers.

The results? See for yourself. Vivien’s final fashion portfolio looked professional and provided her with a great platform to present and place herself into the fashion world.

We’ve found some great Portfolio Advice that may assist you when designing your portfolios. If you have any tips for your fellow students on creating the perfect fashion portfolio to land you that job, share them here!