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The value of a Degree.. is it worth it?

Caroline Leonard

In 1999 Emma Moss was among the first students who had to pay tuition fees and take out a student loan in the UK. The introduction of tuition fees raised uncertainty about the value of a degree yet most still believed it was worth it. It has now been a few years since the cost to obtain further education has significantly risen. So is it still worth it?

Further education, such as University or college, is a fantastic way of encouraging our knowledge to grow. You get to choose an area you want to work in and learn about it in order to get a desirable job in the future. However, this can be costly and not everyone can afford the rising tuition fees, which are now reaching £53,330 in the UK. Fortunately, other paths out of compulsory education, for example, an apprenticeship, can provide you with the life experience you need to go out into the job world.

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If you’re looking to go into further education and you’re worrying if it’s worth it financially, this guide describes the pros and cons of further education and the alternatives.

In my opinion, there's definitely no disadvantage in attending University, other than the monetary component. In attendance, I have definitely expanded my knowledge base. Yet, whether or not it resembles work life in the real world I'm not so sure. I think you can learn most jobs on the go, and, reasonably quickly unless you're in the specialist field of medicine or engineering alike as Emma's guide suggests.

I do though, believe having a degree will help you in landing that interview and securing a job. Most companies won't give your CV a second look, if one at all if there is no further education documented on paper. Unless, you're Richard Branson, who wrote a great article on why he hires on personality which he believes is more important than if the person has the skills for the job.

I guess it's one of those life choices you have to make, and it's all circumstantial. The guide, written by Emma Moss will provide you with insight in how you might like to weigh up some of your options.

Best of luck!