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Setting up a book for single sheets binding

Caroline Leonard

Some of our books are bound using single sheets. These include Soft Bindings, Hard Bindings, Screw Post bindings and Japanese Bindings. These bindings will not lay flat as they are sewn down the gutter with an oversewn stitch.

Setting up:
When setting up your file, the first page will be the page attached to the endpaper of your book. Odd page numbers will always be on the right hand side and even page numbers on the left. Remember to include blank pages if you are printing your pages double sided.

Soft Bindings & Hard Bindings:
As the sewing is directly on the page edge itself, there is no need to allow for a large margin, but it is important to include a 3mm bleed. If you are concerned about losing text or information when sewn, include a 10mm 'safe zone' allowance.

Screw Post and Japanese BIndings:
The margins for these bindings need to be a little larger to compensate for the screws or stab binding. To do this set up a 20mm guideline from the spine edge within your InDesign document.

Double Page Spreads
If you have double page spreads then it is very important that there is a 3mm bleed around all 4 edges. We will bind on the page edge. 

For Screw Post Bindings and Japanese Bindings the pages will join where they are pinched together. Creasing pages for thicker papers with double page spreads is also an option.

When exporting check that the spreads check box is un-checked. Export with crop marks and bleed to the correct page size.