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Print Ready Artwork Checklist!

Caroline Leonard

We know you want your book to look beautiful and we want it to look beautiful too; so we've compiled a little artwork checklist to ensure it's print ready and that your finished book, often your final major project will come our print and bound just the way you planned. 

Here goes:

1) Images are no less than 300dpi (otherwise they may come out blurry) 
2) Do you have the licence to use the fonts in your artwork? (penalties can apply if not - be careful!) Make sure they are embedded into the pdf!
3) Remember to include blank pages, where they feature in your book
4) Make sure Double page spreads match up! 
5) Are you in the right colour mode? Remember CMYK is for print!
6) Do you have crop and bleed marks and exported it correctly?

Following these steps will make for a print ready pdf! Good luck. There's some tutorials on our Student Resources page if you get stuck!