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Binding Creative Lookbooks

Caroline Leonard

A couple of months back we wrote about the work we did for London Fashion student Chelsey Flood, and last month Chelsey revisited us to help work on her next graduate project.

Continuing the theme from the first lookbook 'Americana Destruction' we created a concertina style lookbook with printed cloth covers. The lookbook was housed in a printed mat laminated photo box. Quite a unique way of showcasing your collection and if you click on the photo below to enlarge it, you'll see a perforated section to tear off for prospective buyers to make orders.

We also helped to construct a book with the chosen method of hard back binding. We again used printed cloth for the covers. And, to present her fabric swatches Chelsey provided us with loose sheets of fabric that were sewn onto the book cover and folded back. A rather challenging but achievable task - we left the fabric trimming down to Chelsey though, being the textiles expert and all.


A little more about the book which is published here 

In 1972 Stephen Shore left his home in New York City and took the passenger seat for a road trip to Amarillo, Texas. This sparked his interest in brief encounters across America and urged him to continue this trip later that year, travelling with just a point and shoot camera, creating the vision of American culture through the eyes of a tourist. These images are made up of all the he experienced during his trip, everyone he interacted with and everyday object and scenes that we do not notice on a day to day basis. This idea of mundanity in American living made me consider whether photographers like Steven Shore have had an effect on the way we depict our life through the means of Instagram and such apps."

It was a pleasure working with Chelsey again, and in her own words it was a 'great experience - & would definitely use again. Vicky was so helpful!'

Thanks Chelsey, from the Bindery :)