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Binding Communication Design for CSM Degree Shows

Caroline Leonard

Last week we were invited along to the Central St Martins Degree Shows to see the showcase of works from graduate students Benedetta Spreafico, Ferdinand Feiler, and Veronika Grisold all studying an MA degree in Communication Design.

We worked with each of these students in the printing and binding phase of their final projects ready to be exhibited at the show which explored the form, function and value of communication design in a changing and challenging world. 

Benedetta Spreafico’s project is about coping with stress at University. Stress I think most of us will have all encountered at some stage throughout our studies. Her project began with the analysis of personal experiences of being a stressed student at university. It then opened up into an exploration conducted with other students sharing their stress experiences. The aim? To help Benedetta and her fellow students to address their stress, and empower us with confidence as university students. 

The journey is narrated in a three-volume series under the title of ‘Coping With Stress at University’. The series is presented as an alternative resource to the existing institutional survival guides on the topic. It offers a unique perspective from a stressed student, as well as those of other students in a similar position. We helped  collate and bind the books. Bernadetta has her own website If you’d like to learn a little more about the work she produces.

We then moved on to Ferdinand’s project ‘Multisensory Platewear Design‘ was about creating a more intense flavour and dining experience through the use of platewear. His final project consisted of two bowls where the design and characteristics (colour, texture, shape and size) were influenced by the findings from a series of recent studies that were conducted in the area of multi-sensory dining.We helped create a concertina booklet with printed content detailing how each characteristic of the plate design affects the dining experience. I also spotted a delicious looking creamy asparagus and wild mushroom risotto recipe inside that I’ll definitely be trying at home!  Click on the images to enlarge and to check out the recipe- seems pretty straightforward to follow!

And then we came across Veronika’s project ‘How can visual communities help people to overcome creative block?’ which aimed to ‘help creative practitioners overcome creative block by providing a self-diagnostic tool that leads to different exercises. These are based on three areas –thinking, feeling and doing – that were identified through the research’.

Veronika’s resourceful book was constructed using Section Sewn Coptic Binding with printed covers and endpapers. This type of binding structurally requires there to be stitching on the front and back covers, yet Veronika’s vision was for this stitching to remain hidden. This became a new challenge for our team in the bindery which they managed to pull off devising a way to wrap the printed cover as a panel around the sewn section – A lovely finish!

If you’re in the creative industry here are 11 tricks I’ve come across from Leading Creatives to help you battle with the block!